Natural Drainage Systems (NDS) Designs

60% Design Phase

This project consists of designing and constructing natural drainage systems at four locations in Northeast Seattle. The project goals are to improve Thornton Creek water quality and reduce flooding and drainage issues in the right-of-way.

The South Thornton Natural Drainage System (NDS) Project has completed the 60% Design Phase. At the 60% Design Phase, we present potential street and drainage improvements to the community, answer questions, and gather community feedback as we work toward finalizing project scope based on regulatory requirements and project funding.

We’re partnering with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to incorporate sidewalks into the streets that do not currently have formalized sidewalks, which aligns with community requests to install sidewalks as a part of this project.

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23rd Ave NE

41st Pl NE

117th St/
120th St